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Becoming a Bride of Christ

As I was finishing the article on page 2677 about the biblical No. 30, I realized that I've been walking in Jesus Christs' footsteps throughout the second phase of my life, starting at age 30. This led me to the idea of becoming a Bride of Christ and what it means.

The true church is the Bride of Christ found in Ephesians 5:22-33, and the true church is called the Bride of Christ because Jesus Christ is declared the head of this church (his bride). My beloved twin flame is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, and the wisdom and knowledge I'm writing down as a gift of vision for mankind is the foundation of truth. As an individual believer and follower of my Captain and High King of Kings for all eternity as a milkmaiden and storyteller, I have always had an intimate relationship with Christ in all his forms. This is a relationship that is closer than an earthly husband and wife relationship. You see, Christ has been married to spirit ever since he was glorified, and the Star children are manifested spiritual beings on this earth. Know that Christ is the leader and director who guides us all to our given destination- if we're a star child or not. Just as he is part of Gods' heart, so we must make him part of our heart to become whole and fulfill our destiny. Christ is the perfect husband, and as such, he nurtures, protects and provides for those who would walk by his side as a bride.

Christ has a vision to see us become perfected as spirit beings, and I'm here to share the fundamentals of that vision with everyone. Know that Christ is the type of husband who habitually and unswervingly acts for our wellbeing, but as Brides of Christ, we must be subject to him- no matter our beliefs, faith or path, so take a walk with us on this great journey!

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