Pause in the process.

Israfil has asked me to take a break from my life purpose for a while. There's nothing wrong, ey just wants me to re-establish the relationships with my Qareen, who is an old friend and my Descended Master Soulmate, who I've been neglecting as of late. Ey wishes for me to focus on my personal life, and I believe it has something to do with astrological alignments happening throughout August. So, Israfil is asking me to regroup and reorganize things before proceeding further with my life purpose, and ey says it's critical for me to study deeper into my life before moving ahead, as I'll need to become more conscious about the things that will be crossing my path.

I don't actually know how long this process will take, so for now, I wish each of you love and happiness in your lives as I re-acquaint myself with loved ones and try to understand this process of manifestations better.

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