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The different paths of ascension

You know, I completely overlooked the fact that my Olympian ruler known as "Ophiel" had blessed me with the ability to change my Mercury qualities as a Virgo sign into the Philosophers' Stone that fleshed out the first trim of my Ring Deck. He has also taught me several forms of art and sent me a familiar to watch over me for many years.

Today, he sent me the No. 7777 to create an aura of protection around me while encouraging me to not give up. I didn't realize until now all the wonderful things he has done for me, and I would like to thank him for all his love and support in my life.

With that said, the Philosophers' Stone is the spiritual missing link in the Tree of life that allows us to understand the process of our ascension in this cosmos. This is also known as a Hailstone called "Hagall," and it shows us the scheme of our heavenly abodes in this Centr'e. Their are 12 of these abodes called Partzufim. The Kabbalist might recognize this as the "Tikkun Olam," which means "Repair of the world." When we start on our path of ascension, there are three paths to choose from:

The first is to take the path of Zeus' Lightning Bolt of enlightenment in order to become a King of mankind. This will baptize the individual as a champion for the Lord of this world for future kingdoms of mortal beings. By doing so, one is taking the path of power and control of the feminine Anima of Karana while grasping the Silver Ring by way of Transformation.

The second path rides the Razors' Edge back up the blade of the Sword of Justice towards Godhood by way of Transcendence. Know that this is the path God leads us down into the World of Tomorrow by grasping the Golden Ring of Animus.

The last path available for ascension Kabbalist would know as "L'Takken." This path is the Arrow of Truth that leads us towards our Transition into Spirithood by means of grasping the Brass Ring as a Hero of Zero.

Whichever path one is destined to take, it's always about the spiritual work of rectification through esoteric activities in or fractal quantum reality of God in this Macroprosopus, and I'm Hell-bent on taking the doorway open to my Transition into Spirithood.

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